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Quality Assurance Systems

Educo is able to effectively design, monitor, and implement projects through a variety of service delivery models that are crafted to meet client needs. This flexibility is complemented by quality-assured internal support systems for project teams to ensure that every consultant can deliver high-quality outputs through regular monitoring and support .

Educo has extensive experience in the selection, contracting and mobilisation of consultants for long and short-term international assignments. All of Educo's recruitment procedures are managed in accordance with the principles of open competition, accountability and transparency, documentation and disclosure, and meet the requirements of Australian Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

Educo's project management systems have Quality Assurance certification to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The scope of activities covered under its certification is: 'Project management, including delivery of international consultancy services through projects and period contracts; design and delivery of international projects including institutional strengthening projects; delivery of training and procurement services; provision of project plans and reports required by clients; and project finalisation.'

Educo has a dedicated staff member to monitor quality assurance. The staff member, a Company Director, conducts an internal review of firm practices three times a year to ensure compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standards. This is complemented by an external review by a certified ISO consultant twice a year.

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